May 2, 2017
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UNOPENED Spectacles. Snapchat 8.17262E+11 Price and specs:

  • 8.17262E+11: Specs make memories, from your perspective.
  • Specs charge in their case.
  • Press the button to make a 10second Snap.
  • Lights show friends youre Snapping.
  • Wirelessly add your Snaps to Memories on Snapchat.

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8.17262E+11 Model variations to consider:
8.1722E+11 817262E+11
.817262E+11 8.17262+11
81.7262E+11 8.1762E+11
8.17226E+11 8.17262E1+1
8.17262E11 8.17262E+11
8.1262E+11 .17262E+11
8.17262E+1 8.1726E+11
8.1726E2+11 8.7262E+11
8.17262E+1 8.17262+E11
8.71262E+11 8.12762E+11
8.17262-E+11 8.17262E+11
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