August 3, 2017

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General description

The iDX 200 iE in-ear headset with special powerful neodymium drivers gives an excellent, in depth sound with a deep bass, clear mids and transparent highs. The lightweight full-metal housing with titanium alloy and immaculate surfaces shows attention to detail of this mobile In-ear. The iDX 200 iE is suited for all mobile devices featuring a 3. 5 mm headset jack which will include a 3-button remote control which gives media playback of your player also as phone calls. Volume up and down is only possible with Apple devices. Two extension cables are included which let the player to be easily placed in a trouser or jacket pocket. One of the two cables may be connected to devices with pin out incompatible to the Apple standard. Caused by the flat form the cable doesn’t tangle up. The big choice of supplied ear info (incl. Original Comply) in different sizes assures a perfect fit so that the iDX 200 iE meets all demands about comfort, ambient sound attenuation and deep bass answer. The supplied adapter lets connecting a second headset to share music with friends.

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Antlion Audio ModMic 4.0 Attachable Boom Microphone – Omni-Directional with Mute Switch vs 715735

The ModMic 4 offers an ingenious way to attach a precisiondesigned boom microphone to virtually any pair of headphones, to get you a complete communications solution. Construction All ModMics feature a patented design that marries the performance of the microphone with features that optimize comfort and usability. Operation The ModMic 4 Omnidirectional microphone captures exceptional recording quality, thanks to the sensitivity and responsiveness of the capsule. ModMic (variant 4. 0) Omni-directional Its great for controlled environments, like audio casting or streaming and AV audio production, where quality is a priority. Available with or without mute switch. Microphone capsule specifications: Pattern: Omni-directional answer: 30 Hz-17. 5 kHz 3 dB Sensitivity: -26 3 dB SNR: 58+ dB blockage: 2. 2 K-ohms Max current at 2. 0V: 500 A Max input SPL: 110 dB Included: Carrying case 2 base clasps 1 top clasp with cap 1 extra 3M sticky pad 1 bubble pop filter Alcohol clean information.

Phiaton PS 202 NC Active Noise Cancelling Earphones with Microphone

The PS 202 NC Active sound Cancelling Earphones introduce advanced levels of clearness across the frequency spectrum, with the technology power of active sound cancellation to more immerse you in your music. Enabled by Phiatons powerful sound cancelling technology, PS 202 NC actively decreases low frequency ambient sound (under 1kHz) by up to 95 while packing more richness and pleasing nuances into the sound delivery. More calm. More refined balance, meaning and musical purity. Features: Active sound Cancelling Technology: Cancels the low frequency sound (under 1 kHz) by up to 95. Ideal for planes, trains, and subways. Comfy Half In-Ear Design: hours of comfy listening. Improve your comfort by selecting one of the four sizes of silicon ear info or Comply bubble info for the perfect fit. Tangle Free Oval Shaped Cable: The textured cable helps to minimize cable tangling while the special design also helps to decrease cable touch sound. Music & Calls: The PS 202 NC features an inline remote as well as a music & call button to let you to manage your songs (PLAY, PAUSE, REW, FF) and easily answer and end calls. Monitor Button: Mute your music and sound cancelling with the monitor button, so you may be able to hear the sounds around you without removing your earphones. Everplay-X Technology: lets you to continue calling or listening to your music, if the battery runs out (NC function not available without battery). Rechargeable Battery: Full charge time is 1. 5 hours and gives up to 8 hours of Music & NC or up to 10 hours with NC only. What is In the Box: PS 202 NC Earphones, USB Charging Cable, Cable Clip, Carrying Case, 4 sizes of Silicon Ear info, 1 pair Comply bubble info, and fast Guide. Plans: Driver Units: 14. 3 mm; blockage: 32 Ohm; Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW; Frequency answer: 10 Hz27 kHz; M.

HP-1B BlueTooth Headphones

The HP-1B Bluetooth headphones deliver a level of audio performance usually not related with Bluetooth headphones. In fact, the HP-1Bs sound better than many of the wired headphones on the market. Featuring Bluetooth 4. 0, and aptX technologies, the EP-SB earphones supply CD quality sound from your bluetooth source. Simply pair your Bluetooth device to the EP-SB and you are set for hours and hours of uninterrupted high fidelity listening. • lasting storage case for on-the-go protection and convenience. • will include USB charger and cable.

Direct Sound EX29 Extreme Isolation Professional Headphones – Black

To do your best, you have to hear your best. That’s why we intended the EX-29 headphones with 29 dB of passive separation. To assist you keep the outside world out – and your music in, in all its purity. And to stand up to studio- and performance-level extremes. No batteries obliged.

Meier Audio CORDA QUICKSTEP Portable Headphone Amplifier Silver

The QUICKSTEP is a theoretically sophisticated movable amplifier. This amp was intended to offer the best possible movable sound with a minimum of compromises towards size and current intake. The amp not only uses the idea of active balanced ground but also has a discrete volume control (32 positions, two get settings). This volume control isn’t a regular industrial solution but uses a idea in which the position of an analog potentiometer is calculated using a low-power ADC and in which the output of this ADC can be used to control electronic switches that set the volume level. The result is a clean and in depth sound without any channel inequities. The 3. 5 mm sockets, mechanically frequently the weakest point of a movable amplifier, are heavy responsibility. Also much care is taken that the amp doesn’t react to RF-signals at the input,. With so many headphones, earphones, cables and headset amps to decide from, it may help to know what to look for. Check out the web site for reviews, comparisons, info, specifications and suggestions The name of the web site is「BUYJAPAN HOT EARPHONE AND headset CABLE REVIEW 」. Check .

Vestax HMX-05 Professional Dynamic Headphones with Folding Headband, 22 Ohms vs Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE Premium Ear Headphone 715735 pricing

The HMX 05 was engineered to meet Vestax’s exacting prerequisites in audio quality. The big 40mm drivers have been selected to offer crisp high frequency reproduction, while handling bass and sub bass frequencies with ease. In all forms of modern music, the bass is more important than ever before.. And the HMX 05 does not disappoint. HMX 05 Headphones feature encapsulated comfort fit ear pads for focused listening. After testing many kinds of ear pads and listening in detail to feedback from pro users, we selected the perfect kind of ear pads for the HMX 05. The result is headphones that are very comfy to wear for long mixing sessions, while giving superior separation from background sound. The HMX 05 lets you to avoid distractions and concentrate on the music. The HMX 05 includes a modern flat cable design, to eliminate tangles and let easy cable storage while on the move. This premium quality cable is removable to let easy substitute. Forget about having to untangle cables and knots.. Just pick up your headphones and start listening. As with many Vestax merchandise, the HMX 05 was intended with professional DJs in mind. The folding headband design lets easy storage, and guards the headphones while travelling. This uniquely intended headband is lasting but amazingly lightweight; you will not know it is there. With Vestax HMX 05 Headphones, feel the grove, feel the music.

Califone CLS729-4 4-User Wireless Listening System, 72.9 MHz Green

With ambient sound-decreasing rugged ABS plastic earcups and headstrap that diminish external distractions and adds durability, the Califone CLS729-4-03 4-Person Wireless headset Learning System is ideal for language learning, literacy groups, ELL / ELD applications, story-time, audio book listening, and library uses. The wireless headphones have 100' reception vary from the agreeing color-coded transmitter (which is sold individually, and included with the packaged set of four headphones) that assists create adaptable learning situations where the students don’t have to be beside the media player. There’s no bound to the number of headphones which may be added, only that they must match the same color-coded transmitter frequency. Since each colored headset operates on own independent frequency, three different groups can enjoy wireless learning in the same room without any interference. Powered by rechargeable batteries. This unit has a frequency of 72. 900 MHz and has a green color-code. Each system will include four wireless headphones, a agreeing color-coded VHF transmitter that plugs into any audio source (MP3 player, computer, multimedia player, VCR / CD / DVD player, or TV monitor), all needed charging cables, an AC adapter and a headset rack.

NFL The Noise Headphones vs Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE Premium Ear Headphone 715735 review

These sound isolating full range stereo headphones are well-matched with many stereo audio devices as well as iPhone, iPod, and other MP3 players. They also feature a fitted mic, and big drivers for strong bass answer. Plans: Frequency range: 20hz – 20khz, blockage: 32 ohms, Sensitivity: 107db/mw, Max input power: 50mw, Cord Length: 1. 2m, Plug type: 3. 5 mm stereo.

NuForce HP-800 Black Monitor-Quality Classic Style Headphones

The NuForce HP-800 is a studio-monitor class headset for the music professional or audio fan who demands accuracy and musicality with unprecedented value. The HP-800 delivers the kind of performance sound professionals require to do their work, still, their precision notwithstanding, the ‘phones are nether severe nor fatiguing. Indeed, the HP-800 renders recordings with the kind of natural warmth, realistic highs and visceral bass only true accuracy is able of attaining.

Brightech – Apple MFI Approved Pure Lightning Earphones – Listen to Pure 24-bit Digital Audio – Wide Frequency Response – Comp vs Beyerdynamic 715735 price vs Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE Premium Ear Headphone 715735 price

Let there be Lightning Step up in connectivity to your beloved music with Brightechs Apple MFi-certified Pure Lightning Earphones. This in-ear set boasts an 8-pin Lightning cable with fitted Amp and audio Control for a crisper, deeper, richer stereo sound. Treat your ears to high-resolution 24-bit audio, and never let your music be compromised by the muddy range of 3. 5mm earbud jacks. The Lightning connector was intended particularly to pair with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all Apple iOS devices With Pure Lightning Earphones, you may be able to connect effortlessly to apps like iTunes Radio at the push of a button.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

The famous DT 990 Premium, 600 ohm variant; Stereo headset for high power prerequisites, headset amps, home audio applications Made in Germany, groundbreaking Bass reflex system for excellent audio performance Open design, will include carry case, 11 oz light weight Gold vaporized stereo 3. 5 mm mini-jack & 6. 35 mm adapter Analytical and high-resolution audio reproduction.

House of Marley EM-JE041-PU The House of Marley EM-JE041-PU Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones – Purple Purple vs Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE Premium Ear Headphone 715735 reviews

The House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones are 1st in class and 1st in comfort. Smile Jamaica combines FSC certified wood, recyclable aluminum housing and a 9. 2mm driver to bring your sound directly to the source. Microphone with one button operation lets you to take calls when you are not listening to your beloved music. Available in an array of colors, as well as Copper, Sky, Midnight and Mint, they are some of the most well-liked headphones from the Marley line. Go ahead, smile for Jamaica. Two in-ear tip sizes included, medium and small.

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