April 22, 2017

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  • Enjoy DAISY books, music CD’s, MP3, WMA files
  • Mask/cover hides many keys for simple play operation
  • Plays CD’s, SD cards and USB flash memory
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

The PTN2 is a great way for you to take pleasure in your beloved audio title, like DAISY Digital Talking Books, music CD’s, MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio format) CD’s, or audio books on CD. The PTN2 satisfies both people who want the simple functionings of the player, especially for leisure reading, and people who need more complex navigation for professional use. With a mask cover on the PTN2, the more complex navigation keys are hidden, so you may be able to easily operate the play function. When the mask cover is removed, you may be able to operate extra functions, e. G. Navigate a DAISY book by chapter, part, page, phrase, etc. Listen to DAISY Books in Comfort: – Using the navigation keys, you may be able to choose a particular page or chapter. – The voice speed and tonal quality may be adjusted for easier listening. – A bookmark may be placed wherever you want to highlight a passage for reference. Easy Operation: – Voice guidance will guide you in the functionings of all functions. – With a mask cover, only some keys appear on the PTN2, just like a cassette tape player. – auto bookmark numbering. You don’t have to remember or decide a number for a new bookmark. Other Useful Functions: – The sleep timer function turns the PTN2 off by itself automatically at the time set. – DAISY books and other content on a CD disc may be backed up to an SD card or a USB device. – you may be able to play music CD, also as play MP3 or WMA music files on a SD card or USB flash memory. – Supports text-established book playback by synthetic voices; DAISY text books simple text, html, Windows doc. – Plays books from big content providers in U. S. A, NLS cartridge or BARD service, or Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) books on a CD, SD card or USB memory #305563.

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Colorfly C3 HiFi Music

In the successive introduction of CK4, CK5, etc. After the end product, Colorfly didn’t suspend its expansion in this way. Recently, Colorfly official release of a new pocket hifi C3 future low-end front design, and declared a series of technical details. With this music player C3, you may be able to know what is perfection. It can bring you much surprise and convenience. You may be able to enjoy the clear music which is like true,feeling the special beauty. 24BTT-high quality music, precisely restore the music scene Independent PA DAC— Digital-analog circuit separation Fourlayer Immersion Gold PCB—increase anti-jamming capability Metal case—so much better texture,high Shielding capability The characters Publisher: Esther International size:80 50 9. 9mm Uses zinc alloy material: 105 g weight Chips: DAC: TI PCM1770 Output: 3. 5mm PO interface TFT LCD screen: 4. 3 inches Screen: 0. 82 inch OLED screen Data move: USB, support TF card expansion Capacity: 4GB Support audio formats: WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3, WMA Audio Performance: Signal-sound percentage the SNR> 97db Frequency Range: 22Hz-20Khz 0. 5dbs.

Apple iPod touch 16GB Pink (5th Generation)

IPod touch features a 6-mm ultrathin design and smart, 4-inch Retina display. Discover music, movies, and more from the iTunes Store, or browse apps and games from the App Store. And with iOS 6-the world’s most advanced mobile operating system-you get Siri, iMessage, Facebook integration, FaceTime, Game Center, and more. Now that sounds fun.

iRiver T10 1 GB MP3

IRiver T10 MP3 Flash Music Player is no common player. It is a lifestyle. Surprisingly small, you’d hardly know it is there but you will appreciate its features and performance. The super-movable T10 from iRiver delivers exceptional sound quality in a distinctive, sport-prepared design. The T10 is PlaysForSure verified to support subscription-established music download services, giving you instant, cheap access to millions of songs. It includes a vivid color display, battery life up to 45 hours on one AA, a fitted FM tuner, voice recorder and an integrated sport clip. Play music for up to 53 hours with a single AA battery, and it comes with a big 1GB flash memory that lets the music to play without interruption. Enjoy a fitted FM radio with remaining reception anytime, anyplace. You may be able to use it as a voice recorder. It doesn’t have to go inside a pocket. T10 may be clipped on clothes, bags or just about anywhere else. Do not carry it. Wear it. Sit, walk, and run with it. Live with it. The T10 is your perfect match. Up to 45 hours of battery life using AA battery Skip-free and sport-prepared – Use it while walking, jogging, exercising fitted sport clip – Convenient and secure use for active persons FM tuner and FM recorder – Listen to FM stations and record directly from them Voice recorder – Leave memos to your self, record lectures Plays MP3 – WMA and OGG music files improved 3D audio – Supports SRS WOW Fast USB 2. 0 transfers 1 year restricted warranty Unit Dimension 3. 4 x 1. 6 x 1. 2 / Weight 1. 7oz Requires PC running Windows XP (SP1 or higher) / Windows Media Player 10 / CD-ROM Drive / USB Port PlaysForSure enabled to play more of your music (for US and EU only, with WMP10) Can link with a Windows PC and Macintosh computer for music file move.

Astell & Kern AK Jr. High Resolution Music with Brown Leather Case & Portable DAP Charger Kit

ASTELL&KERN AK Jr High Resolution Music Player wtih 64GB interior Memory (Total 128GB) with Mobile Charging Kit. The AK Jr movable High meaning Music Player and DAC from Astell & Kern is a pocket-sized audio system able of studio Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) support and playback. MQS is a high meaning digital music format operating at 24 bits and sample rates from 96 to 192 kHz, which translates to distortion-free sound without data loss. MQS resources are usually saved as a lossless 24-bit WAV or FLAC files throughout record production at the time of the mastering source. The AK Jr also supports 2. 8 MHz DSD64 playback by converting to PCM. The AK Jr has an integrated single-channel Wolfson WM8740 DAC exceptional sonic quality and detail. It may also be used as an external DAC when connected to a Mac or PC via USB. The player features 64GB of interior flash memory and a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB from a individually sold card. This lets you to store a maximum of 128GB of high meaning lossless music. The 3. 1″ WQVGA touchscreen gives smartphone-style control over playback, while the sleek aluminum body and volume wheel supply a smooth analog feel. The fitted battery recharges via USB and lasts for up to 8 hours of playback. The AK Jr comes with a set of screen protectors and micro-USB cable.

Apple iPod classic 160GB 6th Generation(Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

With 80GB or 160GB of storage, iPod classic gives your music and video room to move. It also has lots of energy (up to 40 hours of audio playback), good looks (a sleek, all-metal design), and a great personality (a brand-new interface with Cover Flow). In other words, iPod classic makes an ideal friend. If a picture says a thousand words, think of what all the album art in your collection may say. With Cover Flow on iPod classic, you may be able to flip through your music to find the album you want to hear. Use the Click Wheel to browse music by album cover, then choose an album to flip it over and see the track list. Music Use the Click Wheel to change volume, navigate songs, browse in Cover Flow, or explore the Music menu by playlist, artist, album, song, genre, composer, and more. Want to mix things up? Click Shuffle Songs. IPod classic makes your music look as good as it sounds, thanks to its big, bright, color display. Movies purchase movies from the iTunes Store and you may be able to sync them to your iPod classic to watch anywhere, anytime. The gorgeous 2. 5-inch display makes your movies pop. And iPod classic keeps you entertained for up to 7 hours. Long flight or unlit room? change the light for more video playback time.

Lonve MP3 4GB Big Lossless Sound Bluetooth Music Media With Video, FM Radio, Voice Record and Expandable MicroSD Slot-Red vs Plextalk PTN2 Digital pricing

Born for Music. This is Lonve Bluetooth MP3 player, the new function will bring you a surprise. Now, let us go into Lonve Bluetooth MP3 player. The big lossless sound and Audiobooks This Lonve MP4 player offers big lossless sound, and supports the most well-liked audio formats, as well as MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG, AAC-LC, ACELP This Lonve MP3 player support background audio, it lets you to read e-book and listen to music simultaneously This Lonve MP3 player also let you to listen Audiobooks. You may be able to close eyes and enjoy books now. The Bluetooth function With the Bluetooth, you may be able to enjoy music with wired or wireless Speaker/headset. Now, listen music is so free and easy. So easy to shuffle No ache to shuffle your beloved songs with the Lonve MP3 player. Go into play mode, choose Shuffle. So easy it’s. Playlist, so easy to play your beloved songs Never confuse to find your beloved songs with the playlist. This Lonve MP3 player also let you to choose the song by Artists, Albums, and Genres. Long-life battery This Lonve MP4 player last for playing 50 hours of music, and it only have to charge for 3 hours. Expandable Memory Card Slot, support 64GB Simply inserting a preloaded microSD card, you do not have to rely on your computer or the Internet to listen music Record and FM Radio This Lonve MP3 player has a fitted microphone for recording your thoughts on the go. The FM radio function let you listen to sports, talk radio, or your beloved music stations at the gym. Lonve store is only the company be authorized to sell Lonve brand product, so any actions offer the listing is illegal. Package Content: 1x 4GB Lonve Bluetooth MP3 player 1x Good sound headset 1x USB 2. 0 Cable 1x Operation guide.

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Special Edition (Product)RED

SIZE: 1. 14″ X 1. 24″ X 0. 34″(29. 0mm X 31. 6mm X 8. 7mm) as well as clip ■WEIGHT: 0. 44 oz (12. 5 grams) ■CAPACITY: 2GB ■EXTERNAL BUTTONS & CONTROLS: Control Pad, On/Off, Shuffle, Voice Over & 3. 5mm Head Phone Jack ■AUDIO PLAYBACK: Frequency answer 20Hz to 20,000Hz ■AUDIO FORMATS SUPPORT: AAC (8-320Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HEACC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2,3 & 4), AAX, AAX+, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless ■BATTERY: fitted rechargearble lithium-ion battery ■PLAYBACK TIME: Up to 15 hours of audio playback when completely charged ■CHARGING: Via USB to computer system or power adapter (sold seperately) ■FAST-CHARGE TIME: 2 hours (Up to 80% of battery capacity) ■FULL-CHARGE TIME: 3 hours ■LANGUAGES: 29 VoiceOver languages: Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia, UK, and U. S. ), Finnish, French (Canada, France), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico, Spain), Swedish, Thai, Turkish ■SYSTEM prerequisites: Mac computer with USB 2. 0 port, OS X v10. 6. 8 or afterward, and iTunes 10. 7 or afterward / PC with USB 2. 0 port; Windows 7, Vista, or XP Home or Professional (SP3) or afterward; and iTunes 10. 7 or afterward.

Apple iPod classic 120 GB Silver (6th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) vs Plextalk PTN2 Digital review

Now you may be able to take it with you. All of it. Available in a 120 GB model that holds up to 30,000 songs, 150 hours of video, 25,000 photos, or any mix, the new iPod classic fills your pocket with sight and sound. Available in quintessential silver or striking new black, iPod classic catches your eye with its sleek, all-metal enclosure consisting of anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel. The new Genius Playlist feature creates an on-the-fly playlist of tracks in your library that go great with the song you are listening to. And Cover Flow allows you to flip through your music by album artwork. Discovering new music, movies, TV shows, games, audiobooks, and podcasts is easy on the iTunes Store. Rent a movie from iTunes and watch it on the go. To get everything into your pocket, just connect iPod classic to your Mac or PC, and iTunes transfers your music and more in one seamless sync.

Riptunes MP2128P 8GB 2.8-Inch Touch Screen MP3 and Video (Pink)

Crisp 320 x 240 Pixel Resolution, Plays Most Audio, Video, Photo & Text File Formats, 8GB interior Memory, microSD Expansion Slot, 1. 3 Megapixel Digital Camera/Camcorder, fitted Voice Recorder, fitted Microphone, fitted Speaker, FM Radio, Time & Date Display, Calendar, Stop Watch, TV Output, fitted Rechargeable Battery, Multi-Language Support.

QFX J-22UBK ReRun X Radio and Cassette to MP3 Converter – Black vs Plextalk PTN2 Digital price

Old school meets new school with QFX”s AM/FM/shortwave/cassette player, the ReRun X. Bust out those Wu-Tang tapes from high school and a couple of D batteries for hours of stripped-down beats and bass-heavy nostalgia on the go. Are your tapes starting to get that pervasive hiss? The ReRun changes your beloved cassette tracks to MP3 on USB or SD storage, preserving your broad Tribe collection for generations to come. QFX leads the market in lifestyle buyer electronics by delivering groundbreaking product designs and exceptional performance to value-conscious buyers without agreement. With three decades at the frontline of quality electronics, QFX stands firm in its commitment to offer the new in Bluetooth audio, tailgating and DJ speaker systems, LED T. V. S, and many other prosumer multimedia solutions, affording budget-focused families, businesses, and everyone in between, business-leader quality without breaking the bank. From freshman dorm to alumni tailgate party, from 1st apartment to family home, QFX has the gear you need at the price you want.

Sony NWA27HNSM 64GB Hi-Res Walkman Music with Noise Cancelation, Silver

Listen on a higher level with this 64GB High-Resolution Audio-well-matched Walkman that delivers up to 30 hours of studio-like clearness and sound. Listen without distraction with the included sound Canceling headphones while you immerse your ears in glorious Hi-Res Audio or automatically upscaled variants of digital formats like MP3 and more. It’s music like it was supposed to be.

SanDisk Sansa Clip 4 GB MP3 (Lime) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) vs Plextalk PTN2 Digital reviews

There is so more to love when you play with a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 player. With four gigabytes of storage, this tiny player allows you to listen to up to 1000 songs in stunning audio quality. It boasts a large array of remaining features, as well as an FM radio, long-life battery, and integrated voice recorder. And with its expandable memory card slot, you may be able to add pre-loaded microSD, microSDHC, or slot Radio cards so you may be able to listen to your beloved music, podcasts and audio books without having to access a computer or wait for downloads.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)
  2. HamiltonBuhl HACX-205 Top-Loading Portable Classroom CD Player with USB and MP3
  3. HumanWare Victor Reader Stratus12 M Daisy MP3 player
  4. Insignia Portable CD Player with Skip Protection, CD-R, CD-RW
  5. Sandisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player (Black)

Models to consider:
NW-A25 NWZE474REDRadius 1000 MC037LL/AEHD-00001 MB745LL/A
MD749BT/A AP100silveryMB918LL/A MD744LL/AXduoo X3 MD718LL/A
ME979LL/A ME979M9282LL/A NY001YYDP-10 HPA-00001
E30-Black M8513LLASDMX4-4096-A70 SDMX24-008G-A46KNW-S784/L MD480LL/CALI
SDMX24-004G-G46Y ME949LL/AMA147LL/A MD715LL/ASA – 001 DB-10
SH-2Y MKH02LL/AMB261LL/A SDMX24-008G-A46KMA664LL/A SP-131-ACX5
MD724LL/A NW-S784/LMC062LL/A MC037LL/ANY001YY M8513LLA
MB225LL/A MD776LL/ANWZWS615B.CEW SDMX22-004G-A57WME971LL/A New001-MP3-02
C10 32GB ifp599tDP-10 MKM92LL/AMB531LL/A NWZE464BLK
MZDN430 SDMX3-2048-A18M9282LL/A MB565ZK/AMC040LL/A X1+ER5C
MB257LL/A MGG52LL/AXduoo X3 NW-A2573PD028000003 SDMX24-008G-G46K
M9160LL/A SDMX26-008G-G46OMKH22LL/A NWZ-E354BLKSDMX22-008G-A57K SDMX7-2048-A18
NWZW273SWHT TF-MP3-purpleRadius 1000 MD718LL/AMC695LL/A MC690LL/A
MD749BT/A MC691LL/AMA978LL/A SDMX26-008G-G46PMB735LL/A MD058LL/A
NW-E053K(P) MA477LL/ASDMX24-008G-A46K MKH02LL/AMB918LL/A MA446LL/A
MA444LL/A NW-E07ME949C/A NW-A855(W)MD480LL/A HM802Standard
MA448LL/A DP-10M9800LL/A MKGX2LL/AHM802U ME979
MC698LL/A NW-A25MD776LL/A NWZW273BLKE30-Black MC066LL/A


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