April 22, 2017

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  • Impedance (Satellite/Center/Sub): 8 Ohm Magnetically – 330Hz Satellite/Center Speaker Size: 3-Inch – Speaker Dimensions: 3-Inch H x 9.2-Inch W x 4.7-Inch D
  • 200 Watt Subwoofer with Built-in Crossover Network – Frequency Response: 150Hz – Piano Black ABS Plastic Satellite & Center Channel
  • 10-Inch Long Throw Subwoofer Driver Subwoofer – 20Khz Subwoofer – Piano Black Wooden Subwoofer Enclosure Satellite Speaker
  • Shielded Center Channel Satellite/Center – Subwoofer Speaker Size: 10-Inch – Subwoofer Speaker Dimensions: 14.3-Inch x 7.87-Inch x 20.6-Inch Piano Black Finish
  • Efficiency: 88db Speaker – Frequency Response: 50Hz – Dimensions: 6.3-Inch H x 4.7-Inch W x 3-Inch D Center Channel
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General description

The PHS51P is a 5. 1 home theater speaker kit from Pyle. It is perfect if you have got a receiver but no speakers, or if you want to get your speakers individually from your receiver. Start with the subwoofer. It is equipped with a 10-Inch long throw driver, passive crossover network, and a booming frequency answer of 50 to 330 Hz. The four satellite speakers and central speaker are constructed from piano black ABS plastic for a clean look. And all the satellite speakers are magnetically shielded, so you needn’t worry about damage to your other equipment. This 5. 1 kit will envelope your living room in surround sound, making TV, films, and sports really interactive events.

Compare with similar products:

Polk AM1450-A Surround Bar 400 CHT vs PHS51-P

Thin, however only in size, PHS51P never in performance. Just 2 1/2-inches deep Inside the sleek enclosure sit ten specially engineered Dynamic Balance drivers. Seven 2 3/4-inch composite mid-woofers, intended for high performance in a shallow-space enclosure, feature powerful neodymium magnets ensure smooth frequency answer during a wider soundstage. Three 3/4-inch high performance silk polymer dome tweeters ensure realistic imaging and superior detail if you watch TV, movies, or games. SDA technology lets this single-speaker driver array to deliver an awesomely spacious and realistic soundstage in any room setup.

Yamaha 3D-Ready – 500 Watts Digital /Video Receiver + Natural Sound In-Ceiling 3-Way 100 watt Speakers with 0.75-inch Twee

Home Theater Receiver Advanced FeaturesSCENE buttons with direct power on fast and easy to useHDMI (V. 1. 4 with 3D)Front Panel USB Digital Input for Playing, Charging and Controlling your iPod or iPhone with the receivers remote controlFront panel mini jack input for connecting movable audio playerAudio input assign capability for HDMI and part video input9 selectable subwoofer crossover frequenciesSubwoofer phase choose / Subwoofer outInitial Volume Setting and Maximum Volume SettingAudio Delay for adjusting Lip-SyncVersatile audio input terminals40-station predetermined tuning / Auto predetermined tuningAuto power down function with variable time settingPreset remote unitHigh Sound Quality5-channel 500W powerful surround sound192 kHz/24-bit Burr Brown DACs for all channelsHigh dynamic powerHigh Picture Quality1080p-well-matched HDMI repeater (4 in/1 out)Supports Deep Color (30/36 bit), x. V. Color, 120Hz/24Hz Refresh Rates and Auto Lip-Sync compensationSurround RealismUpgraded theater DSP with 17 DSP programsCompressed Music EnhancerAdaptive Dynamic Range Control & Adaptive DSP levelSILENT theater and Virtual theater DSPCustom In-Wall/roof SpeakersEasy-to-install, versatile in-roof speaker system delivers high-quality natural sound. Tilted woofer design for best sound directing to listening position. Dual 3/4″ Tweeters Frequency answer: 65 Hz – 28 kHz Input Power (Max / Nominal): 100W / 30W Sensitivity: 85 dB/2. 83 V/1 m blockage: 6 Ohms Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 10-9/32″ x 5-1/16″ Mounting Depth: 9-7/16″ x 4-13/16″ Product Weight: 3. 3 lb Each.

Bose Virtually Invisible 591 In-Ceiling Speaker, Pair (White)

This round Virtually Invisible in-roof speaker is engineered with one 5″ woofer and two strategically located 3/4″ tweeters, eliminating the have to aim the speaker into the room. The acoustic design lets for full, sound coverage, while its smaller size increases placement alternatives. Exclusive Bose Stereo Everywhere speaker performance gives balanced stereo sound over a wider area. Sound fills every inch of the room evenly, so there aren’t drop-offs. The super thin bezel is attached straight to the speaker grill allowing them to be easily painted in one simple step. And with no cloth scrim, there is no worry of extra paint clumping or soaking in. Plus, magnets let them to snap on and off quickly. And with a near-bezel-less construction, they blend seamlessly into the room’s design. Installation is fast and easy with standard dogleg clamps. Two in-wall and two in-roof models supply the solutions you need for almost any installation.

Klipsch CDT3800CII In-Wall #22 vs PHS-51P

The addition of a Linear Travel Suspension to the tweeter increases high frequency detail and smoothness. Other professional grade features like a premium network and treble and bass contour switches help the CDT-3800-C II establish a new benchmark in architectural audio excellence. Available in a paintable white finish, the CDT-3800-C II may be paired with the Klipsch IK-800-C installation kit (sold individually). With a mud ring breakaway wire tie and color-coded brackets, it also will include perforated metal wings that easily fasten to the studs via screws staples or nails. It may also be paired with the ME-800-C fire rated speaker enclosure (sold individually) to meet local building codes and/or decrease sound move to adjoin.

Solutions TS514 Surround Sound Entertainment

Theater Solutions TS514 5. 1 Home Theater Speaker System is a compact, high-meaning 5. 1 / 2. 1 switchable home theater system that is easy to set up and use. The TS514 features a Pro Surround channel switch to integrate all your surround formatted movies, music and games and deliver a true surround experience. The Speaker system consists of five speakers – left, center and right front channels with two rear surrounds – and one powered subwoofer with a fitted tuner. All five 2 way speakers in this home theater are same, creating a seamless blend of sound and style. Inside each modern, high-gloss black enclosure, you will find lasting, high-quality parts that will supply superior performances for many years to come. Each speaker is magnetically shielded – so it will not get in the way with your TV picture – and may be located vertically or horizontally beside your HDTV or another kind of flat-panel. This home theater system’s subwoofer delivers class-leading, room-shaking bass thanks to a powerful digital hybrid subwoofer amplifier and a 5. 25-inch driver. Featuring a sleek black high-gloss finish, this hard-hitter also will include an at your fingertips remote, so you may be able to customize the level of bass for your room and independently control the front, rear, and center channel speaker. Sound accounts for half of the home theater experience, if you are watching a movie or sporting event – or playing a video game. Your TV is only one part of the puzzle. It is the audio that drives the action, creates the mood and brings your video content to life. So, make the TS514 part of your home entertainment today.

Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 1000 – White Finish (black sub) vs Pyle PHS51P PyleHome 10 pricing

Step up to the ProCinema 1000 System, which packs the performance of big speakers into compact loudspeakers with an array of easy mounting and installation alternatives: a nifty anti-slip/anti-mar tripod base and a key-hole slot for wall mounting are incorporated into the design of the speaker, with a metal threaded mount for an optional aimable bracket ensure total mounting flexibility. Custom stands and brackets are available. ProMonitor 1000s are voice paired with the whole ProMonitor Series, so you may be able to mix-and-match them based on your needs or your budget. Any way you shake it up and deal it out, you’ll get high performance home theater in a compact system with lots of affect and substantial realism. NOTE: ProSub1000 Subwoofer is only available in black finish.

Bose Panaray 802 Series IV Loudspeaker Bundle with Ultimate Support Speaker Sts Microphones (7 Items) vs PHS-51-P

This Bose movable Speaker Package is a great start to a customized system that will meet the demands of your application and budget. These speakers aren’t Powered so require a processor, mixer and amplifier to finish the system. NOT INCLUDED The Bose Panaray 802 Series IV installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker features a full-range-driver array, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers, to offer unsurpassed dependability and vocal clearness. The Articulated Array design, with large 120 x 100 coverage, can decrease the number of obliged loudspeakers, while the 52-Hz low- frequency range can eliminate the need for subwoofers, allowing a cost-efficient solution for many indoor or outdoor installed sound-reinforcement applications. The final Support JS-TS50-2 JamStands Series Tripod Speaker Stand – Pair are crafted from aluminum and powder-coated for finish durability. Each stand can hold up to 120 lbs and will include a useful carry bag. The Pure Resonance Audio UC1S super-Clear Dynamic Vocal Microphone maintains a true cardioid pattern during it is frequency range making it an ideal choice for professional sound reinforcement, studio recording, broadcasting, backup vocals and spoken word applications. The frequency answer is tailored for vocals.

Polk RTi A9 5.0 Speaker Package (Cherry) vs Pyle PHS51P PyleHome 10 review

This RTiA9 5. 0 Home Theater Speaker Package will include: RTiA9 High Performance Floorstanding Speakers – Pair (Cherry) RTiA3 High Performance Bookshelf Loudspeakers with 6 1/2″ Driver – Pair (Cherry) CSiA6 High Performance Center Channel Speaker – Each (Cherry)RTiA9 High Performance Floorstanding Speakers:The RTiA9 is a high performance powerhouse and the final manifestation of the RTiA Series. Featuring Dynamic Balance transducersthree 7-inch bass drivers two 5 1/4-inch midrange drivers and a 1-inch high frequency dome tweeterthe RTiA9 will fill the biggest room with energy and excitement. With a mind blowing 500 Watt power capacity these speakers can take everything you may be able to give them and more. Watch high octane action movies in their full grandeur or delight in an intimate jazz performance. RTiA9 Features: The two 5 1/4-inch midrange drivers are housed in their own tuned interior enclosures for increased clearness and vivid detail. Klippel motor optimization uses laser measurement technology to ensure a smooth excursion path at either end of the volume spectrum for uniform performance at both low and high volumes. Polks proprietary patented Dynamic Balance technology lets engineers to design out distortion-causing driver and system resonances so you only hear the good sounds. lasting computer-modeled injection-molded butyl rubber surrounds suppress unwanted cone resonances for a lifetime of dependable sound. The RTiA Cascade Tapered Crossover removes the comb filtering and beaming common to multi-driver speakers which degrades the quality of the audio and collapses the soundstag.

Definitive Technology BP-8020ST 5.0 Tower -2

Best Technology BP-8020ST Bipolar SuperTower Loudspeaker Bipolar technology (speakers on front and back of enclosure) for big room-filling sound for each listener in the room fitted 150 Watt powered subwoofer delivers big bass, removes need for separate subwoofer thin enclosure takes up minimal floor space (. 86 sq. Ft. ) A Legend Reborn best Technology CS-8060HD Center Channel Loudspeaker The perfect match for BP-8060ST or BP-8040ST SuperTower major speakers fitted 8-inch powered subwoofer for final performance and dynamic affect Second generation BDSS high-meaning drivers for life-like tonal balance, superb intelligibility and broad dispersion One 1 inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeter best Technology SR-8040BP Bipolar Surround Loudspeaker The perfect surround speaker for BP SuperTower series front speakers Bipolar dispersion pattern (speakers on front left and front right sides) for totally enveloping surround sound that puts you in the action The same highest quality parts as best’s front channel speakers for seamless soundstaging Two 4-1/2 inch die cast basket patented BDSS drivers and two 1 inch pure aluminum dome tweeters Easy wall mount system included.

Klipsch KL-6504-THX(3 Speaker) In-Wall -SW-310 Denon AVR-X4000 IN-Comm 7.2- White vs Pyle PHS51P PyleHome 10 price

Klipsch KL-6504-THX In-Wall LCR Speaker Delivering music and home theater performances that are equivalent to a high-end floorstander, the KL-6504-THX is a premium architectural solution for flat-panel TVs. As one of the worlds 1st THX Select2-certified in-wall speakers, it brings consistent nd compelling audio to bigger regions. • THX Select2-certified for superior sound. • Horn-loaded for high efficiency and low distortion. • Sized for 42-inch and bigger flat-panel TVs. • Easily mounts horizontally or vertically. Klipsch KL-6502-THX In-wall LCR Speaker One of the worlds 1st THX Select2-certified in-wall speakers, the KL-6502-THX not only delivers consistent, compelling audio to bigger-sized rooms, it also brings real theater sound to the comforts of home without taking up any floor space. • THX Select2-certified for superior sound. • Horn-loaded for high efficiency and low distortion. • Easily mounts horizontally or vertically. • Maximum installation dependability. • Mix and match with our other THX merchandise. Klipsch SW-310 Powered Subwoofer Pound for pound, the SW-310 subwoofer is among the best in its league. Featuring a BASH Digital Hybrid amplifier and greatly damped, non-resonant woven fiberglass drivers, this sonic wonder enhances any speaker system and blends seamlessly with your decor. Dimensions: 13″ H x 13″ W x 13″ D. Denon AVR-X4000 IN-Command 7. 2 Network Home Theater Receiver intended to serve as the heart and brain of your connected home theater system, the AVR-X4000 IN-Command 7. 2 Network Home Theater Receiver is filled with connectivity, system configuration and control alternatives. The powerful amplifier part features 7 discrete output phases with same circuit topology.

Polk TSi400 Speaker Bundle (Black)

The Polk Audio TSi400 floorstanding speakers are the midrange tower speakers in the TSi series with three 5. 25-inch woofers ensuing in higher power handling and more bass capacity. Their great for high affect movies and music. May be used as the front channels in a home theater system or as the major speakers in a music system. – The CS10 Center has an angled top allowing you to invert the speaker and place it below your TV- directing sound towards the listening area. – Enjoy listening to your TSi100 bookshelf speakers and your beloved jams. They feature large-dispersion woofers and tweeters for thrilling sound that keeps you rocking. Fitted crossovers with Mylar bypass capacitors deliver expressive highs for a lush soundscape. – The PSW10 subwoofer fills in the bottom end of your home theater system. It relieve’s your major speakers from performing bass responsibility and let them work on the mids and highs. All woofers feature a floor coupled down firing port. This configuration brings you maximum bass affect while keeping the front of the cabinet as low profile as possible.

Fluance AVHTB Surround Sound 5.0 Speaker including Three-way Floorsting Towers, Rear Speakers vs Pyle PHS51P PyleHome 10 reviews

The Fluance AVHTB Surround Sound Home Theater 5. 0 Channel Speaker System offers a dynamic and enticing performance with superior parts that surpass audiophile expectations. From every victorious stadium cheer to the silkiest serenades, the floorstanding fronts, surrounds and center channel deliver stunning sound for all to experience. These Speakers are a Way of Life The soundtrack of your life is ambitious. So is the Fluance AV Series home theater system. When the AVHTB can be used in Dolby surround and DTS systems you may be able to really experience what home theater is supposed to be. Each speaker around your room gives superior performance at every volume level with remaining precision and clearness, allowing you to soak up all the dramatic affect your beloved music and movies can deliver. High and Mighty Reach new heights with vivid acoustic performances that will awaken your ears to the high notes reproduced by the AVHTB home theater system. The premium titanium soft dome tweeters perform vibrantly and with sonic accuracy. Expressive and energetic, the AVHTB high frequency drivers deliver impactful sounds and effects with vivid reproduction. Smooth Midrange and Deep Lows This AV Series surround sound system will stimulate your core with rich, warm tones from the midrange and low frequencies. The AVHTB’s midrange drivers improve the vocal ranges with true exuberance so you don’t miss a single note. The front’s linear woofer lets for best low frequency answer. The results are rich sound and real acoustic imagery that will elevate your home theater standards.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. VideoSecu 5 Black Universal Speaker Mount Brackets for Walls and Ceilings 1XZ (Black, 5 Pack)
  2. RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire
  3. AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire – 100 Feet
  4. PYLE PT592A Bluetooth 5.1 Channel HDMI Digital Stereo Receiver Amplifier with AM/FM Radio, 4 HDMI Inputs & 300W Output
  5. Pyle PT570AU 5.1-Channel Amplifier Receiver 350 Watts AM/FM Radio

Models to consider:
321GSII-SL HT050BAM10III-W KL-7800TS514 AA5180
ASM94611-5 MX-HS9000EON612 KHT3005K2r-2650 WWS26051C
KS-14 KL-7800EON612 PHSA5crs8 Zero Klipsch RF-7II
AA5170 HD Theater 300TX-NR636-G16 YAS-93OCJ411A WWSP28071C
SB500 System1R-5800-WII-#55 BP-8060ST-13SB400 HT-S5700
Pro Cin 800 BK KL-6504YHT899UBL AM6907-AISP202BLK FM-G3255K
SS-CR305 R-5800-WII-#56SoundWareXS5.1B SR-8040BPAEH50-WH YAS201
KTHSP390SVC ES-500-IC-8SDJ08 KL-6504SKH-410 ICE850
SKH-410 KL-7800FS-5020BT AM6807-AAM1450-A AVRX7200WBND29
ProCinema 400 BK HT-SL75PT798SBA CSX-1000RTi A7 BP-8060ST-13
Model 400 TS514WWSR24-51B KS-14400100CS10108 AA5180
HT-S9400THX SCHTB770BP-8060ST-14 AVRX7200WBND29PL-980-5.1 HT050B
YSP-800SL WWS28051BFM-G3255K Cinema 610TL1600 sys. SKH-410
SRSBTX300/WHT TS509Profile A6 R-5800-WII-#55Klipsch RF-7II KL-7800
HD Theater 300 BP8080ST-BUNDLESoundWareXS5.1B WWSP28071CZR650-CSi AEH50-BL
SKS-HT540B BP-8060ST-13LAP340 WWS25051BWWS15051C EXMS581W
5.1 Mini HT OCJ411AHKTS20BQ EON612Dome51BLK Klipsch RF-7II
YAS201 Bundle3BP-8060ST-14 EON612ES-500-IC-8 PL-980-5.1
WWSP28072B 806080608040SYSSP-1 BLK BP-8060ST-15FS-5060BT TP1200
SibCo51SysBLK YRS-700BLAVRX7200WBND29 TS514HT-CT80 AM6807-A
LS28IIBK AEH50-BLProCinema1000 MX-HS9000R-5800-WII-#56 HD Theater 300
FM-G3255K ASM94611-5HKTS20BQ WWSR24-51BKL-6504 CSX-1000
TL1600 sys. YAS-93S-35-HCS-BLK SKS-HT540BSR-8040BP WWSR26351
G-16 ISP202BLKYHT597BL KL-6504400100CS10108 BARNONESYS37510
System1 Dome51BLKPAMP2000BT LAP340BP-8060ST-13 SS-CR305


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