April 22, 2017

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  • Advanced motor structures, Powered subwoofer with 8 fiber-reinforced cone; built-in high-power amplifier: 250 watts Dynamic Peak/100 watts RMS.
  • 4 Cinema 70 satellites; 1 Cinema CC; 1 high-performance subwoofer: 8 driver, 250 watts Dynamic Peak / 100 watts RMS.
  • 1 PTD titanium domes; ferro-fluid cooled, 3-1/2 ICP injection-molded co-polymer bass/midrange cones;
  • True audiophile-quality sound. Room-filling bass to 35 Hz. Compact design suits any listening environment.
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General description

6-Pc. Paradigm theater 70 CT 5. 1 Compact Theater Surround Sound System. From the #1 Brand in Loudspeakers comes the Paradigm theater 70 CT 5. 1 Compact Theater Surround Sound System for music, home theater and computer gaming: 4 theater satellite speakers, a center chanel and a powerful subwoofer with 8˝ driver. Paradigm CT systems deliver Performance and Value like no regular Home Theater in a Box (HTiB) system can customer beware: common HTiB systems are all about price, not sound. Or worse, costly marketing hype and still not sound. When it comes to sound quality, those other systems simply can not deliver. Paradigm theater CT’s are all about performance. They deliver 5. 1 audiophile-quality sound without sacrificing lifestyle size, good looks or a great price. They are every bit cheap as those other HTiB systems, however when it comes to performance, they leave regular HTiB stuck in the box theater CT systems integrate beautifully, delivering a seamless soundstage that brings movies and gaming to life and makes music sound “live. ”.

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3d Emitter with 10 Lcd 3d Glasses

Your home 3D theater with Cinema 70 CT HT System Black the only home big area emitter and ten glasses (can accommodate up to about 80 more for a total of 100 viewers based on seating. Also this is the World’s 1st multi-standard emitter it’ll work with wireless glasses from RealD (Crystal Eyes), the 3DTV Model X (E-Dimensional,X3D or I/O glasses), 3DTV Model J or NuVision/XpanD, 3DTV Model E and Nvidia. Plugs into any 3D prepared DLP TV (Mitsubishi, Samsung) and with our optional Vesa Dongle into any 3D prepared DLP Projector. Also works with Nvidia Quadro cards and our common black triangular game dongle. Works with over 50 different models of buyer 3D prepared DLP TV’s and with over 60 models of 3D prepared DLP projectors also as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) type computer monitors. You have to have 3D game or 3D BluRay or 3DTV Cable connection (requires extra equipment not included).

Fris FS-6500BT Tower Speakers with Bluetooth USB/SD/AUX and Remote

With Frisby FS-6500BT Bluetooth Wireless 5. 1 Channel Home Theater System, your home music alternatives have never been better. The Frisby FS-6500BT optimizes bluetooth technology to accomplish the best quality in-home audio experience possible. The system will include a center channel and 4 tower satellite speakers and produces rich bass, powerful midrange and very clear highs. The system is Digital AC-3 5. 1 prepared with HQ BASS technology for acute low frequency answer. Powerful 800 Watt PMPO and 125 watt total RMS Power amplified subwoofer with ported wood enclosure consists of high gloss front panel piano finish and full magnetic shielding. No extra accessories obliged to install this system in your TV, Receiver or your Desktop or Laptop. FrisbyFS-6500BT is a high end surround sound system and worth every penny and has convenience to delivery to your home, you will not be disappointed With AUX LINE-IN, you may be able to directly connect this surround sound system to your TV, MP3 Players, Game Consoles, CD, DVD player or any COMPUTER or a LAPTOP without any extra equipment. Both speakers and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded, no have to worry about the screen close Infrared remote control and front panel control keys. The remote control has Power, Mute, USB/SD, Stereo, Aux, 5. 1 Channel, 2. 1 Channel, Reset, and Volume, Treble, Bass controls. FS-6500BT also has USB and SD-Card slots, so you may be able to listen music stored in your USB Flash Driver or SD Memory Card in MP3 or WMA Format through these slots without any extra device like mp3 players, Ipod or so on. It’s just plug and play. You’re able to use this feature by remote control also.

Wilton HDR520 Aluminium Panel Channel 250W Rms Bluetooth Built-In Am/Fm Radio Optical/Coaxial Hdmi Amplifier Receiver

The Wilton HDR520 Bluetooth 5. 1 Channel Amplifier Receiver is the ideal addition to your home entertainment system. Enjoy wireless music streaming with fitted Bluetooth technology with an remarkable 300 watt system power output. This stereo unit is well-matched with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices (like iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPad, Tablets, PC, etc. ). The digital AM/FM stereo tuner lets you to listen to all your beloved radio stations with remarkable sound quality and clearness. Includes (3) pairs of RCA audio inputs that allow you to connect three separate stereo input devices. Upgrade your home entertainment center and connect it all with 4 HDMI inputs – you’ll be able to easily take control, change and good-tune your entertainment experience. Use the HDMI ports to connect to devices like video game consoles, Blu-ray and DVD Players, TVs and PCs. Will include 2160p Full HD, HDMI 3D pass-through technology for next-generation media compatibility. Upgrade your home entertainment experience with the Witon HDR520 Bluetooth 5. 1 Channel Digital Amplifier Receiver. HDMI 2160P/4K, 4 HDMI input ports and 1 HDMI output port for HDTV Professionally Engineered Aluminium Front Panel, Bluetooth V4. 0 AVRCP V1. 4 Output power:Front(50W 2),Center(50W 1),Surround(50W 2), Over current and short circuit protection, Over voltage protection 10 predetermined Radio Station – 50 Watts L/R Channel (8ohm) 50W for Center, Surround L and Surround R (8Ohm) In-out Selector: Optical/Coaxial, 4 in 1 out HDMI Selector, 3 Stereo RCA Selector, 1AM/FM Radio, 1 MP3/iPhone Output: 5 Channel Speaker Output Terminal for L, R, Center, SL, SR, And line Out for Subwoofer.

Monitor 4.2

“Premier Acoustic joint our PA-4. 2 Monitors for the front and rear speakers, a single PA-4. 2C for the center channel and our 500 Watt PA-10 woofer. With their compact and versatile design, the satellite speakers may be placed virtually anywhere on shelves, or mounted on a wall using the included bracket. “”you’ll get: PA-4. 2 Center was engineered to deliver all the details from the smallest whispers, to the classic sounds of Opera. “PA4. 2 Monitors: These speakers are intended to bring out a large range of sounds if they’re being used for a DVD experience or just plain old rock and roll. Wattage: 50- 175 Watts”Size: 13. 78″” x 5. 28″” x 5. 28″” H x D x W”Frequency answer: 65-20KHZ -Video Shielded.

Orb Audio People’s Choice Speaker in Hand Polished Steel

Looking for a stylish set of Home Theater speakers to replace your clunky bookshelf or floor speakers? Orb Audio’s People’s Choice Home Theater Speaker System brings audiophile home speaker quality to your home theater system. This package features a mix of Orb Audio’s Brand New Mod2X and Mod1X satellite speakers and our subONE 200 Powered Subwoofer. The Front Channels use Orb Audio’s Mod2X configuration, with two speakers paired together to get you a full range sound that competitors much bigger speakers. The surround channels are made up the Mod1X satellite which will give you exceptional surround imaging from a discreet 4. 25 inch sphere. Each Orb speaker packs a custom, state of the art full range speaker driver. While the round speaker form is pleasing to the eye, it also offers superior acoustic properties – the perfect embodiment of form following function. Dialogue and vocals have excellent presence and music enjoys a rich reproduction that competitors much bigger speakers. Orb Audio speakers are made in America from carbon steel and feature a range of metallic and powder coated finishes that will complement any decor. Orb Audio’s no-agreement approach to speaker design is obvious with their use of neodymium magnets, oxygen-free interior wire and gold plated brass attaching posts. Orb Audio’s groundbreaking direct business model also means you get more for your money. When you purchase an Orb Audio speaker package, you’re buying directly from Orb Audio and are cutting out many layers of retail markups. So, if you need a set of high-performance, audiophile quality home theater speakers in a d cor friendly package, the Orb Audio People’s Choice Home Theater Speaker System is for you.

JVC EX-A1 Compa DVD Audio/Video with Wood Cone Speakers Manufaurer) vs Paradigm Cinema 70 Cinema 70 CT HT System Black pricing

The JVC EXA1 is the World’s 1st Wood Cone Speaker – Raising the Speaker to the Level of a Musical Instrument. A well-liked material for violins, pianos, guitars and many other musical instruments, wood is blessed with superior acoustic characteristics not found in other materials. This is the reason why many speaker enclosures are made of wood. Then why not make a speaker diaphragm out of wood? The sound from the EXA1’s wood cone speaker is astonishingly clear and natural with dynamic bass that’s typically impossible without a subwoofer. The superior acoustic characteristics of wood are working in synergy with the high-grade parts and devices that JVC has chosen carefully for the EXA1.

Fluance SX Series 7.1 Compa Speaker with DB150 Powered Subwoofer

A perfectly paired and flawlessly sounding 7. 1 speaker system, this system has the best of both worlds. With high reproduction qualities in music also as surround sound home theater, this system is perfect in any application. When used in Dolby surround and DTS systems you may be able to really experience what home theater is supposed to be. The speakers included are internally braced – both vertically and horizontally – to ensure that the acoustic image remains free from cabinet vibrations and driver resonances. The audio grade MDF wood construction also suppresses enclosure panel resonance for distortion-free, correct answer. These speakers produce a smart and dynamic low frequency performance. Coupled with Neodymium balanced tweeters – this system also gives a smooth and correct high frequency projection. By using only premium parts – like powerfully dimensioned, high-performance drivers – and boasting a distinct design with a classic tan beech finish, offering a pure listening experience that will harmonize perfectly with any modern living area. The high-performance subwoofer system offers our listeners unbelievable, room-shaking bass in a uniquely small profile. Using state-of-the-art engineering technology, the DB series can precisely reproduce any cinematic special effect – from the low rumble of an earthquake to the powerful blast of an explosion, the Fluance DB Subwoofer System offers a really immersive listening experience. All of these factors add to make the DB series an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking correct and powerful low frequencies for movies and music alike. Plus, with its compact footprint, this subwoofer can be placed in a corner of your room or behind the sofa for an unobtrusive experience.

GPX DV7500 DVD Entertainment vs Paradigm Cinema 70 Cinema 70 CT HT System Black review

Improve your Friday night movies at home with the GPX DV7500 home entertainment system. Showcasing a sleek, silver finish, the DV7500 comes with a multi-function DVD player, an AM/FM stereo, five satellite speakers, and a subwoofer. With Dolby Digital and Progressive Scan technologies, it delivers amazing sound. Features are: Multi-function DVD player AM/FM stereo Silver finish Dolby Digital decoder Progressive Scan 180-watt amplifier Five satellite speakers Remote control A/V cables AM/FM antenna.

Yamaha YHT-395BL Complete -Channel Manufaurer)

The Yamaha YHT-395 5. 1-channel home theater system is a quality entry-level HTiB system with a 100-watt, 5-channel A/V receiver, 1080p-well-matched HDMI inputs, iPod and Bluetooth compatibility, 4 SCENE buttons, and a powerful 100-watt subwoofer. Supports the new high-meaning audio formats as well as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. Add your iPod or iPhone by connecting optional well-matched Yamaha docks like the YDS-12 or Yamaha Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver (sold individually). 2-Year Yamaha restricted Parts and Labor Warranty.

Bose Solo 15 Series II TV vs Paradigm Cinema 70 Cinema 70 CT HT System Black price

The Bose Solo 15 Series II TV vs Paradigm Cinema 70 Cinema 70 CT HT System Black pricesound system is a one-part speaker that delivers considerably better sound than your TV. Advanced Bose technologies make each word and detail sound clear at any volume, and create an experience that is wider than the screen. The system also produces remarkable bass that adds affect to your shows. And when you want more clearness, dialogue mode makes every word easier to hear without having to change the volume from scene to scene. Setup is easy, with just one connection to your TV. The system fits under most TVs up to 50 inches still is still small enough to place on an open counter. It features Bluetooth connectivity, so you may be able to stream music wirelessly, and will include a common remote.

Denon AVR-S900W Bundle 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi + 100

Denon AVR-S900W 7. 2-Channel Network A/V Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-FiPrepare for the future with the Denon AVR-S900W A/V receiver, which is filled with the new wireless streaming connectivity functions, compatibility with next-generation 4K super high meaning resources and displays, and features the new high resolution audio decoders. Paradigm theater 100 CTWhile it is true, there are tiny satellite speakers aided by small subwoofers that may be “hidden” in many living spaces, when it comes to great audiophile sound these systems had never delivered.. Till theater. For many years now, our award-winning theater speakers have been delivering a seamless music and home theater soundstage that brings movies to life and makes music sound “live. ” Rumour has it that with this new generation of theater speakers, sound can be better than the movie.

Altec Lansing PT31 Powered Channel vs Paradigm Cinema 70 Cinema 70 CT HT System Black reviews

Nothing may be simpler. Or more remarkable. The PT7031 replaces a conventional A/V receiver and separate speakers with one, beautiful cabinet that sits on any flat surface or mounts straight to the wall under your flat-screen TV. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. This is true Dolby and DTS multichannel surround sound? Made possible by NXT Digital flat-panel technology that reflects sound from your side walls behind the room to totally immerse you in the theater experience. Video output for on-screen display (OSD) used in set-up and operation. Subwoofer output for improved bass using an optional powered subwoofer Control your speaker system and most of your parts from a single remote. Strong, lasting, and discreet. Included wall-mounting brackets make installation a cinch.

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  1. Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)
  2. Paradigm Cinema 90 CT 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound System (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  3. Paradigm SHIFT Series A2 Fully Powered Bookshelf Speaker – Each (Ash Black Grain)
  4. Onkyo SKS-HT690 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System (Black, 6)

Models to consider:
RT2911 SC-PT770SC-HT40 VR-670HSB3280/F7 MCS-434
BDVT58 RT2781HHD516 TXNR545BND43HDR520 P-509
WWS-280-71 SCHT720HT-TX72 HTS6500/37DAV-HDX285 BDV-N1WL
YHT-S400BL A992I-hd901 HT-Z420XAADAVTZ130 SC-HT650
HT-F5500W HT-SS370HT-S5100B HD518AM3655-A SC-HT900
TSS-500CHR HTS3151D/37HD515 RTB1016HT-SS380 Sc-btt465
A992 AcoustaBar 320G-16 SC-HT40SCS125 YHT497BL
HT-TX72 RTB1100HT-H4550K CVHD-2.1DHT-1312BA HD550
HT-CT150 SC-PT760BDV-N1WL SC-BTT350MX6050D/17 YMC-S21
86A00-1 HTB3524HT-X40 RTD215CHT978 MLT-2
VR-670 HT-Z420XAADAV-IS50/B T305THC30 HT-E3500
HTS3541-F7 RTD396DAV-FC7 Sc-btt465ZHX-313 WNHDB3004-100NAS
RXA740-TL1600 SCS125PHST94IPBK LHT874RF-7-II-BLK RC-Micro 5 Pack
YMC-S21 RTB1016P-509 HTE350KHT-E350 RT2761HB
YHT497BL SAVS110DAVBC150 CHT978SC-HT650 HT-E3500
HD550 SS-025HTB3524 CVHD-2.1ZHX-313 HT-S5100B
HD516 BDVE580R2650CII#7 DAVS300DHT-391XP HT-FM53
k1pk548h YHT-395BLBPT5.0-BLA VSX45BNDLORD 5.1 SYSTEM HSB3280/F7
AM3655-A HT-CT150DHT-591BA HT-H4550KSC-HT940 AA5806


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