July 31, 2017

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  • Easily add wireless surround sound speakers, Enjoy wireless multi-room listening, Control your TV and sound bar with a single remote via HDMI ARC connection
  • One-piece speaker with built-in subwoofer that fits nicely under your TV, Play music wirelessly via Bluetooth Control easily with SongPal app.
  • Google Cast ready for easy streaming of your favorite music apps, Music playback via USB
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General description

One-part speaker with fitted subwoofer that fits nicely under your TV. Maximize every scene and song with this super-thin sound base that delivers powerful sound and Bluetooth streaming capability. Easily expand your home theater with well-matched wireless speakers for real wireless surround sound. All in a stylish, thin design.

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Klipsch RP440C Cherry Center Channel Speaker vs HTXT2

Every whisper will sound as if you’re part of the movies conversation with the new Klipsch Reference Premium RP-440C XXXXX Center channel speaker. Four Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers deliver music and vocals free from distortion and cone breackup. Improving up the Tratrix Horn is no small feat, but this is exactly what Klipsch has done. The new reegineered 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn improves the legendary high-frequency answer, all while delivering a more dynamic sound and enhancing imaging capability of the speaker. The all-new Tractrix port use exclusive Tractrix geometry to bolster the efficiency of the speaker more. The RP-440C's modern design utilizes MDF board with a stylish polymer veneer to offer a stronger, resonant free cabinet. Advertise a sense of dignity and old world sophistication with the cherry RP440C center channel speaker from Klipsch.

Atlantic Technology 8200eC-GLB THX Ultra2 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Gloss Black)

At Atlantic, we realize that 60-70 of the theater experience is handled by this most important of speakers. The 8200e C recreates dialogue and on-screen effects with clearness and affect, just like in the best movie theaters. It features a driver array same to the 8200e LR speakers, assuring ideal tonal agreeing across the front stage. Also, a rocker base lets for exact aiming at the prime listening position for optimum coverage. The 8200e C’s driver complement of two 8-inch woofers, two 5 1/4-inch midranges and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter means that it has the power handling and output capability to outpace any program material, in the biggest rooms. We know of no center channel speaker like it, anywhere.

KEF Q200C Center Channel Loudspeaker – White (Single)

The Q200C Center Channel Loudspeaker is the smaller center channel choice available in the KEF Q Series line of home theater speakers. The center channel speaker is mainly accountable for reproducing most of any movie’s soundtrack, making it by far the most important part in any home theater surround sound system. So why settle for anything less than a KEF? The Q200C uses a 5. 25 Uni-Q driver array, flanked by two 5. 25 bass drivers, to properly fill your home theater with an undistorted and very full sound.

Atlantic Technology 4400LR-P-GLB THX Certified Front Channel Speaker (Pair, Gloss Black) vs HTXT-2

The front channel speakers in System 4400 use two 5-1⁄4-Inch (135mm) custom long-throw drivers flanking a custom 1-Inch (25mm) soft dome tweeter. We use identicaal driver technology (and in some cases, the same drivers ) as in the Atlantic Technology System 8200e, the best that Atlantic has to offer.

Klipsch KC-25 Icon 5-1/4-Inch Center Speaker (Black Ash)

A center channel plays a central role when it comes to home theater and is finally accountable for the most of sound from your beloved actors and artists. Accepting the challenge, the KC-25 produces top-of-the-line sound with the best of ease for a complete, memorable experience. The KC-25 is complete with our proprietary Tractrix Horn technology which produces a distinctive mix of precision, clearness and effortless power. Finished in a beautiful black ash wood grain vinyl veneer, the KC-25 boasts a modern elegance ideal for any decor. The Klipsch Icon series has generally made a distinct declaration for the brand. With the introduction of this improved series, listeners will discover re-engineered drivers during joint with a new crossover system. Improved cosmetics, as well as a striking finish, new logos and feet, result in the most modern, high-performance Klipsch Icon speakers to date. Beginning in 1946, company founder, Paul W. Klipsch believed four rules to be the foundation for great sound. Together, these four design rules-high efficiency with low distortion, controlled directivity, flat frequency answer, and large dynamic range-have and generally will be the foundation for our stunningly powerful and exact sound. Every Klipsch Icon speaker utilizes our Tractrix Horn technology for vivid sound, more output using less energy, improved dependability, reduced distortion and a big soundstage with well-defined imaging. Aluminum tweeter with linear travel suspension lets the high-frequency driver to move back and forth in a seamless motion, creating less distortion and in depth highs.

Klipsch Synergy C-20 Premium Dual 5.25-Inch Center-Channel Speaker vs Main unit size body only 72 x 8 x 5 cm HTXT2 pricing

The Klipsch Synergy C-20 center channel speaker is intended to offer very correct film dialogue and sound-effects for uncompromising music and film-lovers. It’s the perfect match for any Synergy Series Home Theater system and particularly the F-30, F-20 and F-10 floor-standing speakers. With over 60 years of legendary performance and design specialty in Home Audio, Home Theater and Professional theater, Klipsch knows how to deliver the products in the form of really premium sound. The C-20 is filled with technology as well as heavy-responsibility dual 5. 25-inch IMG woofers and a 1-inch aluminum diaphragm compression driver using the exclusive 90°x60° square Tractrix Horn, all which supply the superior clearness and dynamics Klipsch premium speakers have long been heralded for. This new Synergy series product also boasts improved performance during the listening room and an bigger soundstage, thanks to such acoustic updates like an completely redesigned tweeter and crossover. The new High Gloss black accents and stylish Black Ash vinyl finish make a good looking enclosure for all this technology and firepower.

MartinLogan Motion 30 Gloss Black Center Channel Loudspeaker

The Motion 30 speaker is intended to go with the stylish aesthetic of the Motion 20 & 40 floor standing speakers and are voice-paired with the complete Motion Series to let listeners to build a two-channel or home theater system part-by-part. These new speakers feature rounded edges, a softly tapered top, and luscious high-gloss finishes. Inspired by MartinLogan’s super-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers, the Motion Series was produced to offer stunning sound for your final-performance home theater or stereo. MartinLogan’s dedicated in-house engineers carefully crafted the Motion Series to create an very cheap and compact product line that seamlessly blends our exquisite Folded Motion transducers with powerful, compact bass technology. The result is a smooth, refined sound with stunning dynamic range and jaw-dropping clearness. Motion 30 speakers add high-excursion, black aluminum cone woofers and low-turbulence, rear-firing, bass ports, an expanded, powerful bass performance. Motion 30 speakers feature dual 5. 5-inch drivers. MartinLogan’s Folded Motion tweeter creates clear, greatly dynamic, and exact sound. Premium, five-way attaching posts guarantee a hard connection. The Motion 30 is available in a lavish high-gloss Piano Black finish.

Sony SS-CR3000 Center and Rear Channel Speaker Package vs Main unit size body only 72 x 8 x 5 cm HTXT2 review

Create a theater-like atmosphere. Supplement your system with the powerful SS-CR3000 speaker completer package. Composed of a bold center channel speaker and two dynamic front/surround speakers, this package adds dramatic depth to your listening experience. Intended to integrate with the BRAVIA design, this system looks as great as it sounds. Amplifier sold individually.

Orion 7395 AccuFocus Electronic Telescope Focuser

Concentrating a telescope by hand can because the image to shake or move totally out of the field of view, particularly at high magnifications. But with the AccuFocus electronic focuser, those annoyances are a thing of the past. Using the pushbutton hand controller you get smooth, exact concentrating, without vibration. Decide any speed from coarse to good. The DC motor installs easily and works with many Orion telescopes. It is powered by one 9-volt battery (included) in the hand controller. Bracket, hardware, and coil cable are included.

Polk Audio TL2 Speaker Center Channel (Each, Black) vs Main HTXT2 price vs Main unit size body only 72 x 8 x 5 cm HTXT2 price

Big Speaker Sound Without The Big Speaker if you are looking for your 1st home theater sub/sat system or want to upgrade to more performance, you are in for a big surprise in a small, compact package from Polk Audio. The predecessor to Blackstone TL, our RM series, was generally about “Big Speaker Sound Without The Big Speaker. ” Blackstone TL represents a important leap forward, delivering an astounding home theater performance never before heard in compact loudspeakers.

Polk Audio LSiM 706c Center Channel Speaker (Midnight Mahogany, Each)

Build the theater of your dreams with this high performance flagship center channel speaker intended to hold own beside the LSiM707 and 705. Two 6 1/2-inch mid-woofer drivers and a dual PowerPort bass venting system mean that this is a center channel speaker that can effortlessly deliver tremendous volume levels. The 3 1/4-inch midrange and the 1-inch ring radiator tweeter, typically found on speakers costing many times more, help anchor the action to your screen with clear details. The LSiM706c keeps rate, and blends seamlessly, with the front stage output of your thin floor standing loudspeakers.

JBL ES25CBK 3-Way, Dual 5 1/4" Center Channel Speaker – Black vs Main unit size body only 72 x 8 x 5 cm HTXT2 reviews

The JBL ES25C is a 3-way center channel speaker that uses dual 5 1/4″ drivers for excellent audio performance. These speakers come in both cherry and black. JBL is a leader in both home and professional speaker design and they all that technology to make these speakers the best speakers to listen to either your home theater or favorite music. You’ll get remaining high frequencies which enable you to hear all that the music or movie has to offer.

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