August 1, 2017

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  • Automatik-Hektor 60mm f/12.7 Lens
  • 0.37x Optical Viewfinder with Target
  • This fits your .
  • Accepts instax mini Instant Film
  • Built-In Flash & Mechanical Shutter
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  • 3-Zone Manual Focus System
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General description

Simple and fun to use while allowing visual creativity Every image is distinctive and original Compact body with menu navigations and icons intended by Leica Camera Excitement of seeing a picture develop / appear near-instantaneously Optical viewfinder for simple and easy structure some number of camera shooting modes like -party; self-portrait; sport or macro are available.

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Leica Sofort Instant Camera – Mint vs 19101

Simple and fun to use while allowing visual creativity Every image is distinctive and original Compact body with menu navigations and icons intended by Leica Camera Excitement of seeing a picture develop / appear near-instantaneously Optical viewfinder for simple and easy structure some number of camera shooting modes like -party; self-portrait; sport or macro are available.

8mm Film Camera – Revere Eight Wind-Up Color Film Camera

Film your beloved family times, make a movie, or add to your collection. Made in the 1950’s, the Revere is prepared for your next adventure Uses 8mm black and white or color film (not included). Revere Eight Model Eight Dimensions: 2. 25″W x 3. 75″D x 5. 5″H made by: Revere Camera Company; Chicago, IL.

Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di USD Lens for Sony A-Mount

Tamron’s SP 24-70mm f/2. 8 DI VC USD Lens for Sony A-Mount Cameras delivers a useful vary from 24mm true large-angle to 70mm short telephoto, useful for landscapes, interiors, portraits, street photography and more. The uninterrupted maximum aperture of f/2. 8 joint with fitted Vibration reimbursement image stabilization make it possible to accomplish stellar results in low-light situations, while the Ultrasonic Silent Drive (USD) gives you calm autofocus potential that are ideal for shooting video. The 24-70mm lens uses specific high-grade glass in the three LD elements, three Glass Molded Aspherical Lenses, one Hybrid Aspherical Lens and two XR (Extra Refractive Index) glasses, for excellent image quality. Using a rounded 9-blade diaphragm, the lens delivers good bokeh–the out-of-concentrate area in a photo. Moisture-tolerant construction helps protect the lens from any water that comes near it. And all of this is in a compact (3. 5 x 4. 6″), lightweight (29. 1 oz) package that will not wear you out, carrying it all day. High-Speed Standard Zoom With fitted VC (Vibration reimbursement) World’s 1st full-size, high-speed standard zoom with fitted VC (Vibration reimbursement). When shooting in low-light conditions with a slow shutter speed to render sharpness, Tamron’s highly praised VC lets for stable handheld camera work, to more completely enjoy the benefits of this high-speed zoom lens. Uses specific high-grade glass in the three LD elements, three Glass Molded Aspherical Lenses, one Hybrid Aspherical Lens and two XR (Extra Refractive Index) glasses, delivering top-of-the-class quality pictures suited to this high-grade lens. Using a rounded diaphragm, the lens achieves gorgeous blur effects. Features USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) to power a speedy AF drive with a uninterrupted manual system. This high-speed standard zoom lens has a large-end focal length of 24mm that expands the photographic area. The lens adopts the new technology as well as.

KITIVR37600LEDL9111 – Value Kit – Ledu Under Cabinet Fluorescent Lamp (LEDL9111) and Innovera USB 2.0 Flash Drive (IVR37600)

StrongIVR37600/strongBR/Innovera USB 2. 0 Flash DriveBR/Get lots of space to store your data, videos and pictures with this USB flash drive. Swivel design removes lost caps and softly clicks into place. LED display light shows when data is loading. Connector/Port/Interface: USB 2. 0 Storage Capacity: 4 GB Writing Speed: 13 MBps. BR/BR/strongLEDL9111/strongBR/Ledu Under Cabinet Fluorescent LampBR/Energy economical. White all-steel housing with included convenience outlet. Snap-in textured acrylic diffusor for comfy lighting. On/off rocker switch. Accepts 25W T8 fluorescent tube. Mounting hardware included. Base Color: White Plug Type: 3 Prong Height: 2quot;.

Phototools Photo Vest 14 (Beige, XL)

Phototools Extra big Photo Vest 14 (Beige) Features: super waterproof, water tight pockets keep your gear dryConstructed with natural materials, minimally treatedProtection from ash, sap, sand and other debrisPadded pockets protect against affect damageOversized pouches to stash gear on the go.

Tiffen 86mm 1.2 ND Filter vs Leica Sofort Instant Camera Mint 19101 pricing

TheTiffen 86mm 1. 2 ND Filteris a hard neutral density filter giving a 4 stop contact. The 1. 2 density darkens the complete image, allowing you to shoot with a wider aperture with slower shutter speed than usually obliged. By slowing contact time or rising aperture, you may be able to control depth of field. This filter is made using ColorCore technology, a procedure that involves laminating the filter substrate between 2 pieces of optical glass, grinding flat to a tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch,, then mounting to precision metal rings. Features: 1. 2 ND filter darkens the image, allowing you to photograph with a longer shutter speed or wider aperture than usually obliged. Allowing a 4 stop contact reduction, this filter lets you to control depth of field and convey motion more easily. Filter doesn’t influence coloration of the image and is ideal for use with other filters.

Chimera Soft Egg Crates Fabric Grid (30 Degrees) – Extra Small

On occasion you need more directional control over your light without sacrificing the broad, window-like quality of light your Lightbank gives. This Chimera Fabric Grid limitations the light spread of a 16 x 22″ Chimera or Photoflex softbox to 30°. Grids are essential accessories for any lighting system. A grid alters the form and intensity of the light output from your softbox when it’s mounted on a light head. Think about a grid as a painter could a brush, or a sculptor could a knife, or chisel. Fabric grids are hand-stitched, and collapse easily for storage or transport. Use of a fabric grid will result in a narrower spread of light. The spread of light will be determined by the density of the honeycomb mesh, and the distance of the subject from the light. Chimeras Extra Small equals Photoflexs Small (16 x 22″). Soft grids are revolutionizing the light control alternatives for place film and video crews and photographers. Collapsible, movable, and very lightweight, soft grids don t have behind frame of their own. Once the job is complete, just detach, give an energetic diagonal snap to align the grids joints, and fold it down to near pocket-size. All 1996 Lightbanks have the soft grid well-matched hook & loop system, and older Lightbanks may be retrofitted.

Kodak Dance Disposable Camera Case Pack 10 vs Leica Sofort Instant Camera Mint 19101 review

35mm Single Use Camera. 24 + 3 Exposures, quick Quality Color Print Film with flash. Camera dimensions: 4. 25″” long x 1″” large x 2. 25″” high. ” Case Pack 10 note: If there’s a color/size/type choice, the choice closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may get a random color/size/type).

Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl (8.5 x 11 – 250 Sheets)

The Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl (8. 5 x 11 – 250 Sheets) features the new HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear nanoporous covering and coupled with recent advancements in nanoporous inkjet receiving level design, makes this the reference media for producing pictures with superb clearness, high sharpness and excellent color gamut. The high-density heavyweight base and smooth pearl finish not only eliminate glare and fingerprints but with its natural photographic white tint, produce prints with the true look and feel of a photograph. For remaining imaging performance, joint with the benefit of “touch dry” from the printer, this pearl surface media is the “choice of professionals”. Smooth Pearl is well-matched with all high quality dye and pigment established inkjet printers. Features: Professional pearl finishInstant dry nanoporous surfaceSuperb photographic image quality and consistencyHeavyweight look and feel of a conventional photographExcellent compatibility with all good quality pigment and dye established inkjet printersSuperb color gamut with dye ink printers.

RARE C.P. GOERZ TENAX 9 X 12 CM FOLDING VIEW CAMERA OUTFIT W/PACK ADAPTER vs Leica 19101 price vs Leica Sofort Instant Camera Mint 19101 price


Saver ESCAM QP130 Fish Eye 360 Degree 1.3MP Onvif P2P Security IP Camera

Description : ESCAM QP130 Fish Eye 360 Degree 1. 3MP IR-Cut H. 264 Onvif P2P Day/Night Support Mobile APP SD Card Security IP Camera Features : 1. 1. 3 Megapixels, H. 264 Compression. 2. Support Audio, Motion Detection. 3. Day/Night, P2P, Onvif2. 0. 4. Support SD Card, max up to 128GB. 5. 360 degree panoramic, no blind spot. 6. Alarm Record/Image Snap, Image Upload (FTP/Email). Specification : Model QP130 Optoelectronic Lens Fisheye lens, f=1. 29mm, F=2. 2mm Field of Vision Horizontal 185/ Vertical 185 Iris Fixed Sensor 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS Sensibility 0. 2Lux F2. 2(Color)/0. 02Lux F2. 2(B/W) Day/Night Auto switch IR cut IR Illumination 1W 850nm Image Image Flip Horizontal/Vertical Image modification light, Saturation, Sharpness, Contrast, Tone Max. Resolution 1. 3 Megapixels(1280 x 1024) Video Coding Dual Stream H. 264 Bit Rate 100Kbps5120Kbps Max. Frame Rate 25fps Audio Microphone interior Audio Coding G. 711 Pickup Distance 6 Meters Panoramic Function Enabled by software Panoramic Display 360 panoramic expansion-view,180 2 split-view, 90 4 split-view Longitude and latitude correcting view(wall mounted) DPTZ.

Olympus Infinity Zoom 70 Film Camera 35mm vs Leica Sofort Instant Camera Mint 19101 reviews

Catch those important times in life with this 35mm camera from olympus. Stylish champagne-gold finish completely auto operation-concentrate, contact, loading and rewinding real-image viewfinder shows auto concentrate and close-up correction marks all-weather seal and water-repellent lens barrel stand up to the elements shoot from as close as 24 inches 12-second self-timer allows you to get into the picture 35-70mm f4. 5-6. 9 Zoom lens. 460-Step auto concentrate system assures sharp shots. Variable-power flash gives soft illumination, for natural skin tones at close range auto color-complementary flash fires automatically when your subject is backlit or under fake light red-eye reduction flash mode emits a series of pre-flashes right before the shutter snaps, allowing the subjects eyes to change to the light level of the flash and minimizing the red-eye effect night scene flash mode automatically lowers the shutter speed to ensure that both foreground and background are properly illuminated for night scenes fill-in flash mode softens the sharp contrasts, for a much more natural look when your subject is in both bright light and black shadow flash off mode is available when flash photography isn’t allowed, or for special moody effects using available light.

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