May 4, 2017
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Optoma 1080p EH416 Price and specs:

  • EH416: SRGB color profile enables vibrant and highly accurate colors via Rec709 HDTV spec
  • EH416: Compensate for loss of brightness with Wall Color Adjustment
  • 4200 lumens and 20000:1 contrast ratio produces a sharp luminous image
  • Extensive array of connectivity options featuring dual HDMI and dual audio-in; Keystone Correction : 40 Vertical
  • Advanced Optical Lens features a 1.6x ZOOM and Vertical Lens Shift. Easy connectivity HDMI, MHL, VGA, 10W speaker

Compare Optoma EH416 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Business Projector specs:
PRO160S SVGA 3000 ANSI Lumens Multimedia

Pro160s: The PRO160S is the ideal for many usages in and education. Featuring high light of 3000 ANSI lumens and a high contrast percentage of 3000:1, the PRO160S projects exceptional color quality. With an HDMI input and 3D capability, the PRO160S is prepared to take on any presentation challenge. (Pro160s)

BL-FP240C P-VIP 240W Lamp for W306ST and X306ST

BL-FP240C: P-VIP 240W Lamp for W306ST. UPC Code: 796435011567. 90-Day Warranty. (BL-FP240C)

131Xe 2500 Lumen Home Theater with MI Black 2013 Model HD131Xe vs EH-416

HD131Xe: The HD131Xe is a remarkably powerful high resolution intended to deliver magnificent quality video with superb color accuracy and surprisingly sharp detail. With its 2500 lumens bright image and remarkable 18000:1 contrast percentage, the HD131Xe will assist you create the most great, most enjoyable home theater experience. Offers 3D compatibility for seamless integration with your beloved Blu-ray 3D player, also well-matched with Apple TV, gaming consoles and set-top-boxes. The HD131Xe combines leading energy saving features, whisper calm operation and ‘s legendary performance and quality to satisfy the needs of the most calling for home theater fan. (HD131Xe)

Ultra Short Throw EH320UST vs Optoma 1080p EH416’s for sale

EH320UST vs EH-416: S super short throw, the EH320UST, is perfect for es, schools and colleges. It’s bright and a throw percentage of 0. 25:1 means that it can project a 100 image from just 55cm away. And having the installed so close to the screen avoids any shadows being cast across the screen from the presenter. It gives a complete package for engaging learning with many new features, as well as two HDMI inputs, powered USB port, powerful 16W fitted speaker, improved lamp life, compact chassis and a totally new mounting system for a fast and simple set-up. (EH320UST)

GT1080 Short Throw Gaming vs EH416

GT1080 compared to EH416: Experience games and movies the way you have never seen before on an GT1080 High meaning gaming. Intended for serious gamers like you, the GT1080 delivers super-fast 2800 lumens bright HD games to the screen with stunning color accuracy and a 25,000:1 contrast percentage for maximum image detail and improved visibility. Allowing you to get and assess info easily and to formulate a faster, more correct answer to defeat your opponents. Equipped with the level of all digital connectivity you need for todays gaming gear, the GT1080 will keep you on top with two HDMI ports, MHL connectivity, VESA 3D sync port, razor sharp 0. 5:1 short throw lens to deliver bigger than life pictures in space constrained environments, powerful 10 Watt audio, 12 volt output, whisper calm operation and up to 6500-hour long lamp life for worry-free gaming. (GT1080)

GT1080Darbee Short Throw for Gaming Movies and Sports 3000 Lumens Low Input Lag of 16ms Darbee Technology for Sharper Image vs EH416 Optoma 1080p reviewed

GT1080Darbee vs EH416: The GT1080Darbee short throw home entertainment features a 0. 49 throw percentage that lets it to be placed on a coffee table or entertainment center and project a 120″ image from 4 feet away. The 16ms improved Gaming Mode enables a fast answer time to keep you in the game. The integrated image enhancement technology utilizes neuro-biologic algorithms to accomplish unprecedented detail in skin tones, textures, and reflective surfaces while delivering superior depth, object separation and auto elimination of artifacts. Connect to gaming consoles and media players for mind-blowing and bigger-than-life experiences. GT1080Darbee’s Reference Display Mode enables correct color via REC. 709 HDTV color space for rich, vivid colors in Blu-ray movies, HDTV programming, home videos, and photos. Up to 8, 000 hours of lamp life enables years of looking at time. (GT1080Darbee)

29Darbee 3200 Lumens Home Theater HD29DARBEE

HD29DARBEE compared to EH416: Style: HD29DarbeeThe HD29DARBEE is the replacement to the WORLDS 1st home theater featuring Vision, the HD28DSE. Engineered to deliver an immersive experience in Xbox One and PS4 games, Blu-ray movies, HDTV programming, home videos and vacation photos. The integrated Vision image enhancement technology utilizes neuro-biologic algorithms to accomplish unprecedented detail in skin tones, textures, and reflective surfaces while delivering superior depth, object separation and auto elimination of unsightly residuals. The result is Xbox One and PS4 games, Blu-ray movies, HDTV programming, home videos, and photos that are simply mind-blowing and bigger-than-life. With 3,200 lumens and an amazing 30,000:1 contrast percentage, HD29DARBEE delivers bright pictures with deep black levels. HD29DARBEEs Reference Display Mode enables correct color via REC. 709 HDTV color space for rich vibrant colors in Blu-ray movies, HDTV programming, home videos, and photos. With 10,000 hours of lamp life, the HD29DARBEE requires little maintenance, allowing hours of gaming and expanded looking at of favorite movie and TV shows. The HD29DARBEE features the new and greatest digital media interface with support for MHL v1. 2. MHL v1. 2 enabled HDMI ports enabling MHL devices like Optima’s Cast Pro, Roku Streaming Stick and Smart Phones to connect straight to the to playback music and video, view pictures and share webpages and other user generated digital media content. Computer Compatibility FHD, HD, WXGA, UXGA, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, Mac Video Compatibility 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i,. (HD29DARBEE)

GT5600 Ultra Short Throw 3600 Lumens Gaming vs Optoma EH416 1080p priced

GT5600 : Instantly transform your entertainment experience with a big 100-inch screen from only inches away with the 3,600 lumen GT5600. Simply place the and connect a gaming console or video player and let its auto keystone, four-corner correction, 20,000:1 contrast percentage and 16-watt speaker impress by automatically optimizing the image for any surface with stunning visuals and crisp audio. USB Display supersizes Android and iOS gaming by mirroring your experience via a single USB cable. HDCast Pro connectivity gives wireless screen mirroring with Android, Mac OS and Windows devices to easily broadcast your mobile gaming experiences for everyone to see. Four corner geometry correction lets adaptable placement for projection onto virtually any surface while robust input alternatives include HDMI, VGA and RJ-45. Up to 15,000 hours of lamp life assures long-term dependability with minimal maintenance. (GT5600)

BL-FP230I P-VIP 230W Lamp

BL-FP230I compared to EH416: This is an authorized aftermarket product. Fits with different brand models. It has a oem part # BL-FP230I. (BL-FP230I)

NuForce Primo8 Quad-Driver Earphones with World’s First Phase-Coherent Crossover Design vs Optoma 1080p EH416 reviews

Primo8: Primo8 earphones offer music fans, gamers and professionals the sound quality of reference-class, multi-driver, high-end audiophile speakers. Equipped with eight drivers, the earphones are constructed and produced for life on the move. The lasting design of the Primo8 holds patent-pending technology and materials that make these earphones stand well separately from the crowd. Primo8’s Comply soft silicon ear info form themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal offering superior separation from sound and creating unbelievable bass answer. Like professional big speakers, the advanced technology implanted in the Primo8 uses a set of high meaning Micro Drivers that produce very spacious sound and rich bass. The four balanced-armature drivers in each earphone deliver a smooth, exhaustion-free sound despite of the device to which they’re connected. (Primo8)

TH1020 3000 ANSI Lumens Multimedia

TH1020 compared to EH416: The native TH1020 DLP unleashes the power of your presentations to engage your audience with stunning graphics and razor-sharp high-resolution pictures. Lightweight at 6. 4 lbs. And bright at 3000 ANSI lumens, the TH1020 is filled with a large range of convenient connectivity alternatives as well as HDMI. The TH1020 transcends the common to deliver surprising projection performance. (TH1020)

EH416 Model variations to consider:
EH461 E416
EH16 HE416
EH46 EH146
E4H16 EH41
EH-416 EH416
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