April 22, 2017
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Fluke Low BC1735/EELV 4144616 Price and specs:

  • Fluke low energy universal battery charger

Compare Fluke BC1735/EELV Low Energy Universal Battery Charger specs:
VPS410-II-B Indus Volt Probe Set 500Mhz 10 1 Blue vs Fluke 4144616

VPS410-II-B: Company is the world leader in the make, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to calibration and quality control, tools help keep business and business around the globe up and running. (VPS410-II-B)

61 Handheld Infrared Thermometer 9V Alkaline 0 to 525 Degree F Range FLUKE-61

FLUKE-61: The 61 infrared thermometer takes noncontact temperature measurements and can be used for monitoring electrical, HVAC, and vehicle systems. It measures temperature from 18 to +275 degrees C with an accuracy of + or 2 of the reading or + or 2 degrees C, whichever is greater from 1 to +275 degrees C and + or 3 degrees C outside this range. It has an 8:1 infrared distance-to-spot percentage with laser sighting for pinpointing the measurement area. The backlit display helps eliminate light reflections and improves contrast in low-light conditions. The thermometer enters sleep mode after seven seconds of inactivity to help preserve life. The European Conformity marking indicates compliance with related European Union directives. This thermometer is suited for measuring the temperature of equipment, systems, and processes in electrical, HVAC, mechanical, and vehicle environments. (FLUKE-61)

A3000 FC Wireless AC Current Clamp Module FLK-A3000 FC vs Fluke 4144616

FLK-A3000 FC: FLK-A3000 FC. (FLK-A3000 FC)

TLK1550-RTLC Integral Test Lead and 10 KV Clamp For 1550X 1555 Insulation Testers vs Fluke Low BC1735/EELV 4144616’s for sale

TLK1550-RTLC vs Fluke 4144616: Integral test lead and 10 KV clamp for 1550X, 1555 insulation testers. (TLK1550-RTLC)

FP Plus FoodPro Plus Food Safety Thermometer LCD Display 31 Degrees to +525 Degrees F Temperature Range FLUKE-FP PLUS

FLUKE-FP PLUS compared to 4144616: The FoodPro Plus dual infrared and RTD thermometer takes noncontact or contact temperature measurement and can be used to monitor the temperatures of food merchandise and foodservice equipment. This thermometer measures surface temperature from 35 to +275 degrees C with an infrared sensor and measures interior temperatures from 40 to +200 degrees C with a fitted fold-out resistance temperature detector probe sensor. It has a 2. 5:1 infrared distance-to-spot percentage with LED illumination for highlighting the measurement area. Go/No-Go lights point to when food is in an unsafe temperature range to meet Hazard Analysis of important Control Points terms. This thermometer can be used by foodservice professionals to measure food product and equipment temperatures and help detect possible food safety problems. (FLUKE-FP PLUS)

PM8907 808 Line Voltage Adapter Switchable Adapter with Plug PM8907 808 vs Fluke Low BC1735/EELV 4144616 reviewed

PM8907/808 : PM8907/808. (PM8907/808)

VPS410-II-V Indus.Volt Probe Set 500Mhz 10 1 Green

VPS410-II-V compared to 4144616: Company is the world leader in the make, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to calibration and quality control, tools help keep business and business around the globe up and running. (VPS410-II-V)

BP7235 NIMH Pack for 700 or 740 Calibrator vs BC1735/EELV 4144616 Low Fluke priced

BP7235 : NIMH rechargeable pack. Gives common 16-hour life when used in 700 or 740 calibrator. 6 1. 2V DC Ni-MH cells in custom-molded ABS/PC-blend case. Measures 7. 1-inches length by 2. 2-inches width by 0. 9-inches height. 1 year warranty. (BP7235)

700TLK Process Test Lead Kit For 753 754 Multi-Function Process Calibrator FLUKE-700TLK

FLUKE-700TLK compared to 4144616: Procedure test lead kit for 753/754 multi-function procedure calibrator. (FLUKE-700TLK)

15b+ Digital Multimeter F15b+ Latest Version FLUKE 15B+ vs Fluke Low BC1735/EELV 4144616 reviews

FLUKE 15B+: New Feature: Faster answer Greater capacitance range: 0. 01nF 1000F The more bright: Add white LED backlight bigger screen: bigger than the original 1. 5 times Maximum Voltage between any Terminal and Earth Ground: 1000 V Display. 4000 counts,updates 3/sec Type. 2 AA,NEDA 15A, IEC LR6 life. 500 hours minimum Temperatuer Operating. 0 deg to 40 deg Storage. 30 deg to 60 deg Relative Humidity Operating Humidity. Non-condensing90at 10deg to 30deg;75 at 30deg to 40deg Operating Humidity,40MC Range. 80 at 10deg to 30deg;70 at 30deg to 40deg Altitude Operating. 2000m Storage. 12. 000m Temperature Coefficient. 0. 1/deg Fuse protection for current inputs. 440 mA,1000 V Fast Fuse, Fluck particular part only. 11A,1000v Fast Fuse Size. 1839149. 5 Weight. 455g IP ranking. IP 40 Safety. IEC 61010-1, IEC61010-2-030 600V CAT,1000V CATPollution Degree 2 Electromagnetic Environment. IEC 61326-1:movable Electromagnetic Compatibility. Applies to use in Korea only. (FLUKE 15B+)

CXT280 Extreme Pelican Hard Case for 280 Series Case Only

CXT280 compared to 4144616: CXT280 Rugged Pelican Hard Case, 280 Series. (CXT280)

4144616 Model variations to consider:
1444616 4146416
414616 4414616
144616 414616
4144166 414461
4144616 414466
4144661 414416
Fluke 4144616
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